29 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

How are everyones' holiday festivities coming along?

Every day is a holiday on the Ridge, but of course, this time of year especially so! We've hosted parties for local businesses, had a great "Staff Night Out" in Cincinnati, and celebrated with our Amish friends and neighbors at a HUGE party just down the lane. Old friends and regular guests joined us for Christmas Eve and all the traditional fixings kept everyone warm and full until Christmas morning's cinnamon rolls and hot cider.

Sherry and Darryl must have been EXTRA good this year, because a good word from the staff brought the Fawlty Towers Series down the chimney. If you've ever caught Darryl at the desk in the early morning or while moseying through the Dining House at dinner, you may have heard him mention the British comedy show where John Cleese, his wife and a zany cast of misfits run an inn in England. Usually he calls it our "business model," and indeed, some days around here are oddly reminiscent of a British farce!

Now if we only had time to watch it! But we're busy getting the champagne chilled and the hors d'oeuvres ready for New Years Eve. Hopefully we'll see you there, but if not, happy holidays to you and yours and lots of luck in the new year.

(And if luck doesn't end up cutting the mustard, we'll keep the light on for you... and a massage therpist on speed dial!)

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