16 January 2012

Comfort food, Murphin style!

Chef Brad's Winter menu just finished up it's debut weekend and the reviews are looking good! Take a look at what's cooking!

Wheat Ridge Chicken -  Pan Roasted Boneless Chicken, locally raised by our neighbor at Homestead Farm, served with a Grape and Cranberry Mostarda and Crisp Pancetta

Red Dog's Favorite Steak - Ten ounce Strip Streak from Cincinnati's Charles Bare Meat, topped with our From-Scratch Steak Sauce and Crispy Shallots

Will's Harvest -  Murphin Ridge Mac and Cheese! Penne tossed with sauteed Leeks and roasted Mushrooms in a Manchego Cream Sauce, topped with Toasted Breadcrumbs, Marcona Almonds and Curly Endive

Murphin's Freshest Catch -  From Luken's Seafood at Cincinnati's Findlay Market. Selection changes daily based on the sea's bounty.

Soup and Salad - Enjoy a bowl of today's freshly prepared soup paired with a salad topped with your choice of Homestead Farms Chicken or our fresh seafood selection.

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