03 September 2012

Rockmill Beer Tasting

We've been serving Rockmill Brewery's beers for a while now, and both our guests and staff are wild about them. Brewmaster Matt Barbee really has something special on his hands with his Lancaster brewery, and we've had the priviledge of hosting both him and his beer at two special pairing dinners this summer.

The most recent was just a few weeks ago on a perfect August Saturday, and we were lucky enough to have Edible Ohio Valley's creative director Julie Kramer here to photograph the whole thing. What followed was a truly spectacular night, even by Murphin standards. Chef Brad and Sous Chef Josh turned out a fanciful five-course meal of elevated "junkfood," from popcorn corn soup with our garden chives and chili oil, to nacho-crusted crabcakes with romesco sauce and spicy salad. The guests were wowwed by the range of Rockmill's offerings. And Julie Kramer's photography is truly stunning - amazing what a fresh set of eyes sees in the kitchen we toil in everyday!

Interested in trying a Rockmill beer? We're always sure to have them available at the Inn, or you can visit Matt's up-and-coming brewery in Lancaster, Ohio. Also, make sure to grab your copy of edible Ohio Valley, next time you're checking in on the Ridge, or even beter, subscribe to this great publication!

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