11 September 2011

Meet Murphin - Sous Chef Josh

How long have you been at Murphin? Almost 2 years exactly, first as a server and front desk helper, then back in the kitchen as Sous Chef.

What do you do at the Inn? I cook dinner on Chef's nights off, breakfast several days a week and make most of our desserts. Oh, and I write our blog!

Where is your favorite place on the Ridge? The kitchen, of course! I love our cabins,  and the gardens in the spring and summer, and the "Chicken Wing" dining room - but there is something really magical about the Murphin kitchen. I feel like I belong to a special club of quirky chefs and cooks that have come before me and cooked in that kitchen.

What is your favorite Murphin memory? The weddings we've done here are always really special and we always end up having a lot of fun doing them. And the New Year's Eve dinner that Sherry and I cooked together just this past year was incredible - we did an all-Italian menu and I got to cook a lot of the things I grew up with that made me fall in love with food in the first place.

Anything you'd like to say to our guests? Don't forget that you can always let us know ahead of time if you have anything you're dying to have during your stay. Whether it's our Foggy Bottom Pancakes in the morning or our famous Onion Bisque - we crave this stuff, too! Just let us know and we're happy to put it on the menu while you're here!


  1. That's good to know. We had a great Thanksgiving dinner there a few years ago. Everything was delicious. I would love to enjoy it again sometime. Trouble is, I don't remember what all we ate!

  2. Hi Susan! Thanks for your kind words! We'd love to have you back, either for the holidays or anytime you can make it. And don't worry if you can't think ogf anything yummy to request, we'll be sure to whip up something you'll remember for next time!