29 July 2011

I Spy: Kitten Edition

If you've stayed on the Ridge before you probably know Bob, our official inn cat. Bob is a big ol' tomcat with a bobbed tail and a comically grumpy face. And while he occasionally slips away for a few weeks to patrol the neighborhood, he always knows where to come for a good meal and a soft bed - just like our guests!

This spring, Bob brought his girlfriend home to meet the folks, and only when we noticed her getting rounder and rounder did we realize why. Roberta, as she's been named, was ready to settle in a give us a whole litter of baby Bobs.

The kittens were born about 3 months ago in the barn and are just starting to sneak out and explore. Unfortunately, they're still a bit skittish and I am no professional photographer. But I have a feeling that in a few weeks, they'll be running the place. Daryll, Chef Brad and I are already pre-mashing food and icing down water bowls, if that's any indication. 

And yes, one of the kittens has a bobbed tail.

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