26 June 2011

Summer Shopping on the Ridge

Sherry has been spending a lot of time restocking the shelves of our gift shop with fun new Murphin merchandise, and it definitely shows! We've got new versions of our classic Red Dog t-shirts, individual pounds of our specially roasted coffee, Darryl's favorite kazoos, local jams and jellies, quilts, art prints... you name it!

Not only is our gift shop freshly stocked with all sorts of handpicked goodies, but did you know that you can take other Murphin memories home with you? Darryl's current wine list is always available for filling your cellars at home, and we bag our granola and Foggy Bottom Pancake mix in little take-home bags upon request. Just last week we had a lovely bunch of ladies here for a cousin's reunion and after one bite of our cole slaw, they insisted on taking home about quart upon quart of Nettie's Celery Seed dressing! Heck, we even sent a cute Murphin kitty (a baby Bob, we believe) home with a young couple recently. Maybe it's just the way we like to think about hospitality, but no one here leaves with an empty belly... or empty hands!

See something you like, or need to scratch that rainy Sunday morning itch for Foggy Bottom Pancakes? Come out to see us or call and order a batch! We'll send pretty much anything, anywhere - all you have to do is ask!

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