29 June 2011

From Farm to Field at Murphin Ridge Inn

Our first ever Farm to Field Dinner is this Saturday, and Chef Brad has been all over southern Ohio taking inventory of local meats and produce. Between our garden, our neighbors' gardens and nearby friendly farms, he's got an almost official menu to share. "Almost" because like any local field dinner event (they're quite the rage these days!), anything can change at a moments notice. But if you're anything like us, just the though of Brad's delicious ideas gets our appetite going!

Farm to Field Dinner - July 2011

Basil Granita and Tomato Water
Watermelon Gazpacho, Local Jowl Bacon 
Panzanella Salad of Tomatoes, Amish Bread, Garden Herbs, Balsamic and Olive Oil
Cumin Roasted Green Beans
Stone-Fruit Salad of Peaches, Bibb Lettuce and Ohio White Cheddar
Classic Roast Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and Pan Sauce
Beer Braised Rabbit with Fresh Greens, Fennel, Onion and Grilled Shadeau Bread
Fresh Fettuccine, Zucchini, Greens, Local Cow's Milk Ricotta
Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream with Chocolate Stout Cake

Keep in mind that this an evolving menu - there are still a few ingredients that we're trying to track down before adding them to the menu. We want to feature all that the area has to offer this time of year, but also want to make sure that we're getting the best of the best!

All you have to do is show up, preferably hungry!

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