13 April 2011

April Showers

Thank goodness all this rain hasn't washed us away this past week! We had a front row seat as the giant storm front that washed across the country came rolling over the our hills Monday morning. In a matter of minutes, the skies went black, even as the sun fron the east still lit up the fields like it was every other bright spring morning. A very odd sight, even though the picture doesn't do it justice. Clear skies today though - we are loving it!

Sherry and Darryl have been travelling a lot this past month, visiting kids and grandkids taking some time to recharge. Sherry asked me to pass along this special note:
"5 stars to the Murphin staff who did an extraordinary job at keeping up the Murphin standard while we were away! Darryl and I were in Boston this past weekend for the National Conference for Media Reform where we overdosed on all things media. Here in the country our media outlet is word of mouth and like that old game of telephone, not unlike what we heard in Boston. So we are back at the Inn - the birds, the daffodils, the asparagus and the quiet - we love it!"

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