07 June 2011

Sherry's Soapbox!

Sherry's got a note of praise for us devoted Murphinites - far be it from me to stand in her way!
"For those of you who stay up nights worrying about 'today’s youth,' let us ease your mind and introduce you to the Murphin Staff.  There are no finer young people with a work ethic as devoted and diligent as the young Murphin Team at the Inn. These fine folks are developing skills here at the Inn that will carry them through their lives’ work.  You who stay here know that when your coffee is hot, when the birds are well fed, when the croquet court is newly mown, and the rooms are spotless, who you have to thank.  Our Chef and sous chef all under the age of 'knowing better,' work daily to ensure your breakfast and dinner are sublime.  We are a small business with a small staff.  But their attention to you and to detail is evident in your stay here at the Ridge.  So applause goes out to this exceptional group of “young folks”.  I know I sleep well at night." [Editor's note: Except when she doesn't, in which case you can find her in the Murphin kitchen baking muffins at 4:30 in the morning, which has happened more than a few times!]
And while we've got the soapbox out, meet Murphin guest Christine, who was moved enough by her relaxing stay this past weekend to post some great pictures on her own blog. Her photography and kind observances really captured the Murphin spirit! Thanks for thinking of us, Christine, and we're thrilled you enjoyed your stay!

Check out Christine's blog for more great pictures!

Got some great pictures from your favorite times on the Ridge? Please send them to us! I'd love to get enough to make a whole post of Murphin memories from our guests!

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