06 April 2011


Ah, April on the Ridge. Monday brings torrential downpours that leave us meekly peering out of Dining House windows or taking cover in the barn. Tuesday, a chance for frost, and we all rush outside to help Will take precautions in the garden. Wednesday, 70 and sunny, and every door and window that isn't sealed shut by a hundred and eighty-two years of history gets cranked open and we bask in the first smells of springtime - after all, who knows what tomorrow may bring!

Last weekend was the big debut of Chef Brad's spring menu, which you can check out online here. Everything went over splendidly, and we're getting great feedback from our guests. So far, the runaway hit is the handmade sweet pea canneloni with mint pesto - Sherry loves it! And new this spring are the additions of our two-course Small Plates, for guests who want something a little lighter. As for me - Sous Chef (and blog author!) Josh - I'm busy sneaking some of my favorite spring flavors into our luscious desserts. There isn't much this time of year that doesn't benefit from a pinch of lemon zest or mint leaves!

Need to shake of the last shrugs of winter? Call us to say hi and book your next getaway - April dots the whole Ridge with the first blooms of our fabulous bulbs; asparagus, peas and herbs in the garden; the return of all sorts of migrating birds; and the most beautiful Redbuds you'll ever see.

Oh, and the food and company ain't bad either..!

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