06 March 2011

Name That Nook!

We did a lot of renovating to the Guest House this winter but by far our favorite addition is our brand new coffee nook!

Friends of Murphin will remember the alcove under the stairs that served as a home for our lending library, pool towels and extra chairs and card tables. And sure, while you have us here, we'll admit it. It was dark, unorganized and not all that inviting. So when we were knocking around ideas of how to make the Gathering Room a more cozy and comfortable place for our guests to, well, gather - someone got the wacky idea to knock out the whole wall and install a self-service coffee and ice station. We love the finished result and we think our guests will too.

The only problem is... we can't decide what to call it! That's where you come in. Give our new coffee nook a clever name and if we pick your submission, you and a guest can win a free night at the Inn, dinner included! E-mail us with your name, phone number and submission and we'll put your entry in the running!

The New Gathering Room

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