01 February 2011

Gather Round!

Maybe it's all the ice and snow that has met us at the doors of the 1828 Dining House every morning, or the endless pots of coffee and tea we've been sipping on to stay warm, or it could just be plain old cabin fever - but we're busy with big things at the Murphin Ridge Inn this winter!

So much so in fact that we've decided to start our very own blog to spread the news - and we've named it The Fire Pit. Located next the Dining House, the fire pit has long been a gathering place for our guests to catch up, cozy up and unwind after a long, arduous day of hiking, noshing, birdwatching and just plain relaxing. Sometimes called the Liars Pit because of all of that hot air (and maybe an embellished story here and there...), we promise the online Fire Pit will be nothing but the whole truth, most of the time.

So pack your favorite woolly socks and grab a mug of our famous Spiced Cider. It may be cold outside, but Darryl has a log on the fire, Sherry has something delicious in the oven, and we've got a seat waiting just for you at the Murphin Ridge Inn!

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